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Our mission is to prevent lead poisoning in humans and wildlife.

Why you should support us.

Lead has been known for centuries to be toxic to humans. To safeguard human health, lead has been banned for use in gasoline, paint, solder, wheel weights, and more. Children and pregnant women are most at risk from exposure to ingested lead. Lead mimics calcium. Growing bodies have a high calcium demand and will absorb lead at a higher rate than adults. Lead exposure in children can impact brain development, lowering IQ, causing attention deficit and learning disorders, and aggressive behavior. Ingested lead can be stored in bone tissue. Studies have shown an increase in blood lead levels in humans linked to consumption of game meat harvested with lead ammunition. It does not make economical sense to spend millions of dollars removing lead paint from old houses, only to expose children and women of child-bearing-age to lead in game meat.

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Read this Letter to the Editor!

Lead shot harming wildlife health -- and ours, too! This link is for the letter as it appeared in the Des Moines Register on 19 November 2014, but the letter also appeared in the Ames Tribune.

United Nations Environment Program meeting - Excerpted from Wayne Pacelle's blog, A Humane Nation. Read full blog here.
The Eleventh Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the UN Convention on Migratory Species of Wild Animals adopted a resolution urging the phase-out of lead ammunition in all environments over the next three years, and agreed to guidelines to prevent the risk of poisoning of migratory birds.

The Convention on Migratory Species is an environmental treaty, administered by the United Nations Environment Program, which meets every three years to set the global conservation agenda. Although not legally binding, its resolutions have great weight and constitute a set of important, science-based declarations on wildlife management issues.

This is what lead can do...
A case for oversight - Cedar Rapids Gazette 31 August 2014

The 2013-2014 Iowa Legislative Session.
Given the political climate, no legislation concerning non-lead ammunition was introduced.

Outcome of the 2012 Iowa Legislative Session
In a nutshell... the Iowa House passed HJR2001 to nullify the Natural Resource Commission's non-toxic shot ruling for dove hunting. The same resolution on the Iowa Senate's side, SJR2001, was never brought to the Senate floor for vote. The legislature adjourned the evening of May 9 and without the Senate's vote, the resolution failed and the Commission's ruling stood.

That is until Friday morning, May 11, when Iowa Governor Branstad issued an executive order nullifying the Natural Resource Commission's ruling.

The Coalition's Statement Concerning the Executive Order
The Lead is Poison Coalition is deeply concerned with Governor Branstad's decision to issue an executive order rescinding the rule to ban lead shot in mourning dove hunting. This executive order favors one special interest group above the health of all of Iowa's citizens and wildlife, and burdens future generations with the clean up of this toxic substance. The Coalition will continue to research the issue, educate the public, and promote safe, responsible hunting using non-toxic ammunition.

Download a handout about dove and lead shot.

Did you know?

You have the opportunity to express your opinion and educate the governor on issues you feel are important.
You can also ask the Governor questions!
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